January 2016 Promotions

Hailed and acclaimed as the best mobile casino gaming centre in the West by numerous Lady Luck’s Casino review commentaries all over the Internet, now we present to you our hippest gimmick this time of the year: the Lady Luck’s Casino January 2016 Promotions. We definitely do not want you to get nippy and frigid with the November autumn gusts, so stay tuned with us and we certainly won’t let you down!

New Year = New Day = New Casino perks from the Lady of Luck!

Our most revered and fairest of the fair, Lady Lucks, never runs out of surprises for her avid and loyal players and customers. As such, for this Lady Luck’s January 2016 Promotions event, we bring you the Daily Casino Surprise. This daily event, as the name implies, is a daily raffle giveaway wherein Lady Luck’s will grant various goodies to several lucky casino players!

And aye, as the event’s name suggests again, the prizes to be won would not be revealed beforehand! This means that the prizes here are completely random – it is a surprise after all! It can be anything from the casino such as rebate bonuses, free spins from Lady Luck’s Casino, casino credits for certain Lady Luck’s Casino Slot games, no deposit bonuses on Lady Luck’s, or even casino perks worth up to £500 straight to your casino account!

In order to join this exciting promotional event, all you have to do is to login and play Lady Luck’s Casino games once a day. When you login to your Lady Luck’s account, just look for that Daily Casno Surprise link, and start playing the Game of the Day.

More Friends = More FUN @ Lady Luck’s Gaming Community!

A casino isn’t a real casino without the socialising factor, right? We’re quite sure you’d agree; is fo, then you’d be delighted to know that Lady Luck’s supports and nourishes online gaming communities!

Lady Luck’s Casino cherishes the community of gamers it builds; the satisfaction of all of its loyal and dedicated players and fans are paramount here, and thus we have decided to hold certain events at our Facebook business page as well! This is also part of our Lady Luck’s Casino January 2016 Promotions, so join us in the fun this November!

The rewards we give away at the events on our Facebook page are more than just about casino gaming though; Join us there and you can win dozens of freebies and gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, handheld gadgets, delightful snacks and drinks, and various other gamer goodies! In addition to getting plenty of opportunities to win numerous prizes, you get to meet the other pleasant Lady Luck’s Casino players as well! Only Lady Lucks provides this level of support for players!

You will definitely not find this kind of excitement elsewhere – about that, we’re quite certain! Be a Member of Lady Luck’s Casino Today!

Last updated on August 5, 2020