Penguin Style Slot

Penguins are cute flightless birds that inhabit the iciest parts of Earth. Their feathers are often mistaken for fur because of how tightly packed they appear on a penguin’s body. They are considered endangered not because they are being hunted but rather their food supply is quickly being depleted because of over fishing. You don’t have to go to the coldest corners of the Earth to see penguins. You can now see them in Penguin Style, the latest slot game from EGT.

You’ve probably seen many cartoons where penguins are the main characters. This is what makes the penguins in Penguin Style Slot seem familiar. Or maybe it’s just because penguins all look alike.

How Does It Look?

This game is colorful and a pleasure to look at. It is filled with great animations and graphics. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The pay lines are fixed so you cannot adjust how many pay lines you want to play in. Unlike other games, there is no spin button. Your bet amount also acts as your spin button. The bets are also fixed at 20, 40, 100 and 400. There is a window where you can see your last win and your current balance.

The game features cartoon-like depictions of penguins and other creatures that animate when you land on a winning combination. The pictures show penguins surfing, holding fishes or dancing. It also features icons of shrimps resting on a bubble, squids juggling and giant whales swimming. The letters A, J, Q and K drawn like ice carved letters complete the ensemble of icons. The letters also animate when you land on 3 or more of the same icons.

Special Icons

As with other slots game the Penguin Style game also has a wild icon in the form of a penguin wearing a top hat. Get 3 wilds or more in one spin and you get a prize.

Stacked scatter icon appears on the third reel. This triggers 3 free spins and additional wild locked icons.

Additional Ways to Win

Penguin Style also follows other slots game because they also have a gamble feature. Landing on a winning combination allows you to put your win in a gamble game. In this game you will be dealt with 1 card facing down. You must choose whether the card is colored black or red. If you pick correctly the bet continues. You are given 5 chances to gamble and each time you win you double your money. If you pick wrong you lose all your money and will be directed back to the slot game.

Play Penguin Style Slot and win up to 3,000 in playing credits. This game is definitely cool as ice.

Last updated on August 5, 2020