Lady Luck’s Mobile MasterCard

Playing at Lady Luck’s mobile casino requires players to have some sort of payment method which would allow them to deposit and withdraw money from their Lady Luck’s mobile account and manage their an account in general. There are several Lady Luck’s mobile payment methods each presenting different features suitable for different players. So all players have to do is have a look at this list, choose their preferred payment method and get on with their game and Play Lady luck’s mobile casino.

Lady Luck's Mobile MasterCard
Play Lady Luck Mobile Casino With Lady Luck Mobile Visa

Lady Luck’s mobile MasterCard is one popular payment methods many players prefer to use when playing at Lady Luck’s mobile casino. It is one of the safest and easiest payment methods featured at Lady Luck’s and is also very reliable which makes her altogether a very popular payment methods. It uses the MasterCard credit card as the payment tool and allows for maximum deposits depending on the player’s account balance course. The Maestro debit card by MasterCard can also be used as a payment method. Since both Lady Luck’s mobile casino and MasterCard company are very serious about the privacy of their customers, strict measures are being taken to maintain all financial and personal details confidential.

Deposits will appear instantly in the player’s account once deposited using Lady Luck’s mobile MasterCard, allowing the player to move on and choose a game to his liking, download it and start playing, as easy as this. Withdrawing money however will take longer to process, about 4 business days, as both Lady Luck’s and MasterCard confirm the player’s identity and verify the authenticity of the withdrawal request. A bank processing  is included Within  these 4 days of processing.

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To choose Lady Luck’s mobile MasterCard as your payment method, go to Lady Luck’s mobile and choose the game you wish to play. Download it and fill in your personal details. Once the game has downloaded you will asked to choose a payment method. Choose Lady Luck’s mobile visa, earn a Lady Luck’s mobile casino bonus, make your first deposit and get a bonus matching that deposit.

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Last updated on August 5, 2020