Lady Luck’s Mobile Ukash

Lady Luck’s mobile casino features several payment method each suitable for different type of players. Some payment methods feature credit cards, some prepaid cards, and some cash deposits and phone billing payments. No matter what Payment method is used, they are all as safe and secure as possible. The only difference between payment methods is the payment tool which is the personal preference of each and every player.

Lady Luck Mobile Ukash
Play Lady Luck Mobile Casino With Lady Luck Mobile Ukash

The payment method which uses cash deposits is Lady Luck’s mobile Ukash. This type of payment method allows players to deposit money into their Lady Luck’s mobile account without the need for a credit card or the use of a bank account. Lady Luck’s mobile Ukash is probably the most secure of Lady Luck’s mobile payment methods as it involves no financial or personal details. It doesn’t mean other payment methods are not recommended as these are highly secured, but it does present a significant alternative.

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Deposits will appear right away once made with Lady Luck’s mobile Ukash allowing the players to get on with their game and Play Lady Luck’s mobile casino. There is however one disadvantage to this payment method and that it doesn’t allow for withdrawal to be made as there is no account to credit the funds to. In order to make a withdrawal players will have to use other payment methods such as Lady Luck’s mobile Visa or Lady Luck’s mobile MasterCard.

To choose Lady Luck’s mobile Ukash as your payment method, go to Lady Luck’s mobile and choose the game you wish to play. Download it and fill in your personal details. Once the game has downloaded you will asked to choose a payment method. Choose Lady Luck’s mobile visa, earn a Lady Luck’s mobile casino bonus of £5, make your first deposit and earn a 100% match up bonus on that deposit.

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Last updated on August 5, 2020